I found a little zen today!

It happened today. Without trying. Without a lot of effort. Without costing anything!

I found a little zen.

My daughter and I were awake this morning before the others in the house. We decided to step outside and take a walk. Just before we walked out the door I went to reach for my phone to bring along. But I stopped myself. Left it behind and strolled along.

We walked and chatted about the typically two year old topics: trees, the birds and doggies. When we weren’t chatting we were just walking along the streets of our community taking in the fresh air. She was mellow and smiley wearing her morning bed head, summer sundress and flip flops.

I’m on a search for zen in my hectic life. It’s great to find it when I least expect it. Making changes in your life doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time. It’s small things you do each day.

Don’t take your phone. Don’t bring that distraction with you.

Be present.

This life is truly a gift.

Sick & tired of being tired


-Coffee loves me-

Lately I have felt so darn tired. As in five cups of coffee, waking up late and starting my day off wrong.

Sure it’s summer and we tend to stay up later enjoying the weather and events at the beach but at 31 years young it’s effecting me differently.

I’m dedicating to changing things and soon. First off, my oldest son will soon stop napping at daycare, which means an earlier bed time. Secondly, I’m feeling I need a detox from coffee.

I’ve been analyzing why I drink coffee. I’ve been a coffee drinker for years. I swear it’s how I established a relationship with my husband- coffee dates. Truth is, I like coffee in the morning. So first off, switching to decaf in the morning. And instead of three cups in the morning. One cup of decaf.

As far as my afternoon lull. I’m planning on switching to freshly brewed iced green tea.

I’m excited to feel more rested and not rely on caffeine to get me through the day! Also, when I wake up late it affects my entire house. I rush the kids to get ready for daycare, I’m irritable to my husband because I’m running late and by the time I end up at my desk I’m over the day already.

So here’s to kissing coffee goodbye and morning zen-like mornings!