I found a little zen today!

It happened today. Without trying. Without a lot of effort. Without costing anything!

I found a little zen.

My daughter and I were awake this morning before the others in the house. We decided to step outside and take a walk. Just before we walked out the door I went to reach for my phone to bring along. But I stopped myself. Left it behind and strolled along.

We walked and chatted about the typically two year old topics: trees, the birds and doggies. When we weren’t chatting we were just walking along the streets of our community taking in the fresh air. She was mellow and smiley wearing her morning bed head, summer sundress and flip flops.

I’m on a search for zen in my hectic life. It’s great to find it when I least expect it. Making changes in your life doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time. It’s small things you do each day.

Don’t take your phone. Don’t bring that distraction with you.

Be present.

This life is truly a gift.

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