A trip to the library.


My little bookworms.

Do you visit your local library?

We do on a weekly basis and love it. I have found over the years of being a dedicated library user that I just don’t go there for books. Yes, I leave with a bag of them but I also go there for a sense of community.

My children know the staff. They sign up for the summer program. Since their daycare is one block away they take walking field trips there once a week (added bonus).

I love chatting with the staff and swapping reading suggestions.

I check out magazines, DVDs and buy used books for 10 cents!

There are just so many reasons to use your library! I order books and DVDs all the time. But this also means I usually have a fine. I’ve even lost books. No biggie. They don’t judge. Just offer the donation and it’s cleared.

Today my family will go and have the following list of books I’m ordering:

Brunette Ambition
BY Lea Michelle- This book is not written like a typical celebrity memoir. It’s filled with pictures and discusses healthy life practices she uses on a daily basis.

The Vacationers

BY Emma Straub- There’s been a lot of buzz around this book this summer. It sounds like the perfect summer read- and who doesn’t love that?

Isa Does It
BY Isa Chandra Moskowitz- A vegan cookbook on preparing healthy, meat free dishes in less than 30 minutes. Knowing me and my kitchen skills that means 45- 60 minutes.

My Year of Meats
BY Ruth Ozeki- I read Ruth’s A Tale for the Time Being and loved every second of it. This is her first book and it s fiction about the meat industry. Sounds interesting right?

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