20140925-125618-46578722.jpgLove this quote! I doodled some of the things I like to collect rather than things: (from left to right) conversations, cups of coffee with people I love, ocean waves, doodles, things that appease the eyes, doing anything my kids and their little hands, love and some more love and sunshine.

As always, we are all busy and many times we don’t have time to read/watch the news. I believe it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, which I why I bring you a simple, easy news recap of the week every Friday.

1. Climate Change. We are upon another big political year. One of the biggest issues is going to b climate change. I don’t encourage folks to be “issue voters” (definition: someone who votes based on a few topics) because I don’t think the media should dictate what issues are important to voters, with that said, climate change is going to be a biggie and we are all going to be hearing a lot about it. I think we should all freshen up on the topic. I enjoy this story that

2. The Bluest Eye. It’s Banned Books week and this is one of them. I heard an interview on NPR about the book, but can’t find the podcast about it. Nonetheless, there a slew of new articles talking about schools banning the book. Read the synopsis, because it totally hooked me in!

Happy Friday!


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