If you liked Gone Girl then you’ll love this book.

Sure Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a big deal right now. As in sold 8.5 millions copies. That’s millions folks. And now it’s a major motion picture getting rave reviews starring Ben Affleck. Like I said, BIG deal.

I’m a huge fan of Flynn’s work. I’ve read all three of her books and will be standing in line for her next release.

Having read all her books, I’m surprised Gone Girl ended up as the talented author’s first film. To me, the movie should have been Dark Places.

If you love Flynn’s twisted mind that creates these scenarios that leave you wondering, what is wrong with this women? How can a sweet mother of two and overall normal person think of things like this, you will love Dark Places!

The book focuses on the main character, Libby Day. Day’s mother and two sisters were murdered as part of sick satan sacrifice and Day has to live with the burden of being the one who escaped and survived. Not only was she the survivor she was also the leading witness who testified against her teenage brother pinning him as the prime suspect.

You spend your time with the adult Day as she finds herself questioning what she actually witnessed that night and if her brother really did kill her family as she successfully testified in court landing him in prison. Add in the most pathetic father figure you could imagine, you’ve got a main character you feel bad for and that leaves you shaking your head. I found myself questioning, “Are there really people like this in the world?” In Flynn’s world, there is.

If you enjoyed the distrubing and evil plots in Gone Girl, Dark Places definitely kicks it up a notch. Flynn introduces the Kill Club, which is a hobby group made up of fans of notorious crimes. These fans glorify the criminals and their wrong doings. They are the folks that encourage Day to reconsider what she thinks she witnessed at her young age. They force Day to go the “dark place” in her mind, she has spent most of her life forgetting.

If you think nothing can top Gone Girl, read Dark Places and you’ll become a forever fan of Flynn’s.

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