When summer reading goes wrong.

You know the drill. You find yourself in the spring yearning for the warm, summer months waiting for longer days, watermelon and for your summer tan. Along with all those fun things, you’re also gathering your summer reading list. You could be picking the brain of the employee at your local independent bookstore, browsing GoodReads or asking your close friends.

No matter your source, creating the list is also mapping out your summer. Mapping out where your brain will be living. Mapping out what topic you will dive into. Let’s face it- It’s exciting!

I was so excited to create my summer reading list. And I kept it light and reasonable. I knew which ones I really, really wanted to read and I added a few extras incase I was ahead of schedule.

But what happens when your summer reading goes wrong?

What happens when life takes over and your books sit dusty on your nightstand? 

It took my summer reading list dissolving to make me realize my seasons of life. Summer is when I push my kids bedtime back an hour to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. It’s when I’m in the garden cutting flowers for a vase with my daughter. It’s when I’m chatting with my great friends at the beach rather than having my nose in a book.

I live in a coastal town. We have three prime months to live it up and boy do we play hard. By the time the kids are put to bed, I usually shower off the day and head straight to bed.

And you know why? Because summer isn’t my reading season. You know what else? I’m totally cool with it.

I know that this fall my book club will start meeting again and I will find my usual spot with a cup of tea and my lovely books.

Maybe summer is your season to read! We all have such different lives. What is your summer season like?