The book I’m currently raving about.

Today I’m over at the Washington Independent Review of Books with a 5-book round up for middle grade readers. Check out all my reviews here, but let’s discuss my favorite of the group, The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill.

The story is about a misunderstood witch, Xan, who helps abandoned babies left in the woods. She accidently feeds one of these babies moonlight which gifts the child with magic, even an experienced witch like Xan finds this magic hard to handle. Quickly Xan realizes that she must raise the child, whom she appropriately names Luna, to keep her and everyone safe from her powerful magic.

As Luna grows, Xan does her best to teach her how to handle magic but she soon realizes the girl is much too young to handle her strong magic. Xan decides to cast a spell on Luna binding her powers inside her only to come to surface once the girl turns 13.

The world that Barnhill creates quickly emerges you and is so beautifully written you will find yourself seeing this world in great detail in your imagination. Not since Harry Potter and Hogwarts have I been so engrossed in a fantasy world.

There’s so much to this book, I sometimes find it hard to describe, but don’t let that make you a hesitant reader. Barnhill carefully holds her readers’ hand and guides them through the world of a friendly swamp monster, miniature dragons, paper birds and the sorrow all surrounding the town of Protectorate.

This is a great book for a parent-child book club or for childless adults who love a good fantasy.

To find out what else is on my nightstand, let’s connect on GoodReads.



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