Summer Is.

Summer Is. 

Applying sunscreen to wiggly limbs and scrunched up noses. Weeknight events. Brushing through salty, wet ocean hair. Sweaty brows. Endless pool cleaning. Traffic on the streets. Rushing shoppers in the grocery stores. Beach accidents. Road accidents. Friends in town. Workload amplified. Dinner on the run. Humidity. Windows closed tight. Lines at the state parks. No parking spot to be found. Endless drying of bathing suits & beach towels. Buckets of sand brought home; the long lasting souvenir.

Summer Is Also.

Cheap sunglasses. Bike rides to the playground. Traffic on the weekends inspiring stay cations.

Endless blooms in the yard. The too short hydrangea season.

Refreshing iced La Croixs. Beers on the beach. White wine swimming among quickly melting ice cubes.

Movies on the beach. Lightening bugs. The smell of fresh cut grass. The sweat from cutting the all too large lawn. Refreshing showers and the smell of clean skin and the feel of soft, clean hair.

Trips to the farmer’s markets. Bounty of tomatoes, lettuce, peaches, berries, watermelon, cucumbers, squash and zucchini.

Fun food groups of summer including gelato, funnel cakes, salt water taffy and fro-yo.


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