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I’m Mary Daisey… blog title clicking now? That’s right, it’s daisey with an “e”, a phrase I’ve spent much of my life clarifying over the phone and across the counter. My life story: I’m a daisey! I’m seasonal. I bloom. I wilt. I shine. I spread happiness.

If you knew me, you’d get it. So lets get to know each other! I’m a full-time marketing professional with two kids, a husband, a cat and I live in a small coastal town. My kids go to daycare, my husband and I both work full-time and I’m passionate about reading, writing and creating a simple life for my family.

A life full of meaning, collecting moments not things but it’s not easy is it? Connect with me and we’ll help each other together. Encourage each other to dive into the pages of wonderful books, explore the hobbies that make you smile while learning to disconnect and just be!

Let’s share photos! Instagram.

Let’s swap recipes! Pinterest.

Let’s share reading lists! GoodReads.


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