A mom’s DIY Halloween Costume.

What to wear when you’re a working professional and a mom for Halloween?

Tough question, I debated for weeks! We had a Halloween Costume Contest at my office and I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a silly costume. I tried to do a group theme but we all couldn’t agree. At the last minute I declared I was going solo and was inspired by several posts and came up with this creation: An Instagram Selfie Lover.



All I needed was cardboard, paint and patience. It was fun to use throughout the day and a lot of people got a kick out of it. I flipped through a magazine and found the profile picture very easily. That was a last minute personalization. Since I work in the marketing department it was perfect for the office. Although I didn’t win the contest, I was proud of my paint job.

Easy & office appropriate!


Tutorial: A book lovers wreath.

I love books. I love crafts. This project is a wonderful marriage of the two.


Two other things that I enjoy that helped with this project were my love for thrifting and my love for simple & easy.

I have several stacks of thrifted books scattered around my house. I’ve been adoring this book wreath made by Jones Design Company for a while and finally made time to create one. By “making time” I mean it was a rainy Saturday and I gave my kids play-doh time. I sat at the SAME table with them and created this. It’s wonderful for your kids to see you creating. 

This took me about 30 minutes and cost me nearly nothing. Skimming Pinterest you’ll see plenty tutorials for making wreaths- the big thing that bugs me about them is that people spend $5-10 on the wreath form! No. That’s not for me. I think it’s too pricey. I always save cardboard so I grabbed a piece to start this off.


Step 1. I traced two bowls on a piece of cardboard to create the wreath form. You’ll need a big and small one.


Here’s a look at the dimensions.


Step 2. Grab thrifted books. I ended up using The Balloon Man which had rippled edges, an added bonus.


Step 3. Dissect your book. Tearing up this sweet little book, made me feel like I was committing a crime. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Th imperfections make it look even more special.


Step 4. I took the full pages and folded them in half. This helped make them fuller on the wreath. I placed a pencil in the middle of the folded page and wrapped the paper around the pencil. Using the pencil gave me something to apply pressure without burning my hand. I applied the glue right below my thumb in the picture. Tip: hold it tight on the form for a few seconds.


Step 5. I worked from the outside in. Keep ruffling, glueing and apply pressure to the perimeter.


Step 6. What the wreath looks like once the outside is fully applied.


Step 7. I kept applying over and over and every once in a while would take a step back and check out its progress from afar. This helped to spot any gaps that need to be filled.


Step 8. I noticed smaller gaps on the very inside of the wreath. I tore some sheet in half and used them as smaller fillers. This is a must do! It looked so much better with them.


Step 9. Here’s a shot of the inside ring that wasn’t quite big enough for full sheets.


Step 10. I grabbed a piece of twine and glued this to the back. While I was back there I notice there was a little space on the outside of the form that could use a ruffle. Inside of applying the glue to the BOTTOM of the ruffle, I added the glue to the SIDE and tucked it to the very outside of the cardboard. This is where I got burned a lot. I couldn’t apply the pencil on the side. Ouch.